Matti Kinnunen
Sep 27, 2010
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Hidden roles

The ICT Standard specifies the most important roles for each of the five streams, from business alignment to service management. There are some 20 defined roles from CIO via architect and project manager to service manager. Each role is confined to one and single stream, over even more narrowly to one and or two functions within a stream.
Of course, this set of roles cannot be comprehensive. Actually, the set of roles was artificially constrained by the the fact the the ICT Standard for management was originally written as a book, the chapter of which could be read independently.
Now that the book has been published on this website, we can get rid of the constraints. Now we can start looking for and discussing about cross stream and cross functions roles and responsibilities. So, what kind of roles there are hidden in the framework. I have already identified the hidden function of security and related role of security architect.
For example, are the roles, which would combine task and responsibilities of sourcing and project management? Maybe the role of technology scout could such. The responsibilities of the scout are to follow emerging and disruptive technologies, see whether they offer ways for improving business value. Maybe the scout could also do some competitive intelligence by following what kinds of new technologies competitors’ are implementing.
Can you think of any other hidden roles?
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