Jesse Kivialho
Feb 1, 2012
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Increasing business-alignment through visualized ICT services

One way of increasing the ICT business alignment and co-operation is describing and visualizing the services ICT offers for its customers and end-users. Good visualization includes a high-level picture about how ICT supports business and a categorization of the services. In addition, each service should have simple and understandable service brochure with the most relevant information.

Visualized service catalog and brochures
•    increases ICT visibility to business
•    enhances communication between ICT and business
•    enables  business-aligned development of ICT services
•    makes ordering and using ICT services easy
•    increases ICT’s own understanding of its services

All in all, visualized service catalog with service brochures increases ICT’s visibility to business management and users. The management understands better what added value ICT provides and what kind of services the business could utilize. Also, the users can see the services offered for them.

The ICT service catalog works as a great basis for discussions between ICT and business. It makes it easier for business to understand ICT’s language and give detailed feedback related to the services. Additionally, this works as a starting point for business-aligned development of ICT services. With the catalog, it is easier for business to understand which service is being developed and whether or not new service is needed.

All ICT related needs of users can be linked to one of the ICT services, and thus, the catalog should be placed on the ICT intranet main page. That way, the service catalog can work as a starting point for ordering new ICT equipment and services and requesting assistance.

Lastly, a service catalog with service brochures makes ICT’s own roles and responsibilities more clear. Each service manager is responsible for assigned service(s) and takes care of the service(s) financials, continuity and development along with service reporting. The clear definition of services should reduce the ambiguity of tasks significantly.

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