Esa Korvenmaa
Apr 29, 2013
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Internet of Everything – there are still things to be connected to the Internet

“In the beginning was, – and, @Neon”

This is how the modern novel could start with.

To us IT people “ubique” has for years been familiar term, as it has been there almost ad nauseam. We know that IT is everywhere.

But are we able to imagine all the places IT really could be?

More than 99 percent of things in the world aren’t yet connecting to each other. By 2020, there are going to be 2.5 billion people and 37 billion in new things connected to the Internet. This means that there are various different ways the information is created to the Internet: by people, devices, applications, processes…

To quote my colleague, Dave Evans examples: When your car connects to the Internet in the future, it brings one new thing to be added to the network. When this information is linked to other sources – such as other cars, traffic warnings, your home, service personnel – it is possible to make driving a car safer, easier and greener.

But the number of linked data alone doesn’t make things better. It is essential to analyze and process the available and new information to be able to rise possibilities such as – new business ideas, new services, new technology. New innovations.

This phenomenon is known as the “Internet of Everything”.

Overall, the innovative way to link and use information to gain business potential before anyone else – is the key to success. The question is, are we ready to take everything out of the available Information before someone else does it?

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