The Business Technology (BT) Service Governance Designer course will help you to design and deploy the BT Standard’s Service governance model in your organisation. The course introduces the concepts, design materials, as well as best-practice implementation guidelines that teach you how.

Attending the Business Technology Service Governance Designer course requires a BT Standard Green Card certification and the BT Standard Practitioner certification prior to taking part in the workshops. Please check for more information.

The course is recommended for:

  • those who are responsible for designing, managing, and improving service governance
  • those who wish a unified approach to service lifecycle management in their organization
  • those who wish to improve the management and harmonisation of external suppliers in IT Service management
  • those want to implement a modern and practical approach to governing IT Services
  • those wishing to expand their knowledge from IT Service Management to IT Service Governance
  • those who want to get practical documentation and guidance based on the BT Standard governance methodologies and practices

During the course, the participants will get familiarised with:

  • The Business Technology Service Lifecycle model
  • Business value realization as part of the Service Lifecycle
  •  E2E Governance as part of the Service Lifecycle
  • SIAM and Supplier Governance
  • Financial management as part of Service Governance
  • Key performance indicators and reporting

 As concrete hand-outs, the participants receive:

  • BT Service Lifecycle management extension materials in PowerPoint
  • Industrial Service Integration extension materials in PowerPoint

Participants obtain the Business Technology Service Governance Designer certification after a successful oral assessment.


The cost of the 2-day training programme is 2 000 € (+ VAT)
DATES: 14.06 – 15.06.2023
Sessions are held from 9:00-17:30 CET including a 1,5 hr lunch break


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