What’s new with the Business Technology Standard?

The version update 4.5. is live but what’s changed? Watch the on-demand webinar to find out what’s changed and what’s added!

Business Technology Standard v 4.5 was launched on March 12th 2021. The updated version contains the new operating model for data governance and management, a renewed business technology governance model as well as extensions to roles and responsibilities model. Watch our webinar and learn how you can benefit from the open-source framework and understand how these new models can support you in transforming your business with technology.
  • Overview of the Business Technology Standard – Katri Kolesnik  Executive Director, BT Forum
  • Governance Model: How to apply minimum viable governance while keeping  the control and coordination? – Juha Huovinen, Founder and Chairman of the Board, BT Forum
  • Operating model for data management and governance: How do we ensure the business value of data? – Tobias Eckstein, Senior Advisor, Sofigate
  • Roles and responsibilities in business technology: How to break silos and organisational boundaries?  – Elena Van Leemput, Senior Advisor, Sofigate
  • The next development areas within the BT Standard – Katri Kolesnik  Executive Director, /BT Forum

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