18th Jan 2024

Business Technology Standard – “Sprint-Based Development” Update Release

The extension for agile development has been updated. This also brought changes to all the extensions as all terminology and concepts were aligned. Here are more details on the major updates to the extensions:

  • Identity, Roles and Responsibilities – The sprint based development  extension update introduced artefacts. All roles have therefore been enhanced with artefact responsibilities, including all data roles.
  • Service Integration – some enhancements have been made to align agile with service integration practices for release management.
  • All extensions – minor alignments and updates have been done and we’ve updated the covers for all to look fresh! website updates (publicly available)

All extensions have video previews on the website.

Posters are also going to be updated and can be downloaded from the download page during Feb. The updates will be indicated.

25th Oct 2023

Business Technology Standard – “Business Acceleration with no/low-code platforms” Release website updates (publicly available)

  • You can now preview the newest addition to the industry adaptation on the website under BT Standard Extension page.


14th Jun 2023

Business Technology Standard – ERP Implementation Release website updates (publicly available)

  • BT Standard Extensions – you can now preview all extensions on the website. The preview provide you with a good picture of what the extensions contain. We’ve also included previews of the industry adaptations, which are specific topics.

Extension updates (available via certification training)

  • All extensions updated and some improvements added.
  • People with designer competence may download the newest versions from the material bank that they gain access to after certification.
  • Practitioner level people are also added to the material bank and can gain access to the pdf versions of all the extensions.

18th Jan 2023

Business Technology Standard – STRATEGY Release website updates (publicly available)

  • Download page – posters for BT Strategy and BTOP Implementation journey have been added

Extension updates (available via certification training)

  • BT Strategy (NEW)
  • BTOP Implementation – Transformation Journey (NEW)
  • All extensions updated with new BT Standard introduction slides – includes enterprise agility
  • The role extension has the career model added
  • Service Lifecycle Management updated with value creation framework and ITIL compatibility