Business Technology Standard – PORTFOLIO GOVERNANCE Release 4.6.1


In this release of the Business Technology Standard, we dive deeper into portfolio management and portfolio-based development governance including financial and resource management. Read more here.

Business Technology Forum to establish management training centre in Malaga


More than 4,000 business and IT managers in the Nordic countries have participated in BT management training programs, based on the BT Standard. During the past year, demand and the need for the training has increased rapidly throughout Europe as digitalisation is accelerating and there is greater need for agile management. Read more here.

Business Technology Standard – SUSTAINABILITY Release 4.6.0


We are happy to announce the SUSTAINABILITY release for Business Technology Standard, which includes pragmatic methods to lead sustainability improvements in public organisations and in businesses. The release include value stream based model for cities and regions to lead vitality, well-being and sustainability missions. Read more here.


Development Management Office – Portfolio-based Development Governance

What is Development Management Office? How does it relate to Portfolio Management? How does it support portfolio and value stream in maximising business value creation? Learn all that and get more, download the article.

Turning Data into Value – Managing Data as a Strategic Business Asset

Data is one of the most valuable resources for any company. Learn how to get best practices and leadership models to support the transformation of turning data into value.
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How to Manage Data Quality for Business Value?

Data quality is one of the seven aspects of data asset management in Business Technology Standard’s “Operating Model for Data Governance and Management”. Bringing data quality part of the agenda of the business process governance structures allows business leaders to identify the most critical problems, plan improvement actions and follow up the results of those actions.
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BT Governance – A Balancing Act Between Control and Agility

In many organisations, governance is perceived as control, which slows down development and restricts innovation. How do business owners in your organisation experience governance? Is governance recognised to be beneficial, helpful and effective?
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