You can download BT Standard-related materials from this page including articles and posters.


BT Forum publishes official Business Technology Standard articles to extend and elaborate BT Standard.


In addition to the BT Standard framework, we also create guidebooks, which provide more information to support the implementation of certain subject areas. The guidebooks are made available through adequate competence gained through certifications. Further information on training and certifications is available at

On this page, you can download the posters for each extension. Posters are snapshots of the guidebooks and highlight their key points, respectively.

BT Strategy, Governance and Roles

Business Technology Strategy

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Governance Levels

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Identities, Roles and Responsibility

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End-to-End Development

Portfolio Management

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Gate-based Project Management

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Sprint-based Development Management

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Service Governance

Service Lifecycle Management

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Service Integration

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Data and Capability Planning

Data Governance

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Human-Centered Development of Wellbeing and Vitality in Cities

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