Who We Are


The Business Technology Forum (or BT Forum) is a non-profit professional organisation consisting of a community of forerunner companies, and public organisations collaborating according to platform economy model.

The BT Forum provides business and technology leaders with an open-source technology management framework called the Business Technology Standard. The BT Standard consists of best practices, models and tools developed together with the BT Forum community in order to plan, build and run information technology in today’s technology-driven business world.

The BT Forum coordinates the development work within the community members and publishes an upgraded version of the BT Standard twice a year. In addition the BT Forum also organises events and conferences, publishes educational materials and offers training courses to advance the business technology management profession.


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Business Technology Standard 10 year anniversary

The framework celebrates its 10th anniversary on 2020. In honor of our decade developing best IT and business technology practices together with our community, we decided to interview 10 CIOs and Business Technology leaders and asked them to explain how they see the value of the framework.

Juha Huovinen, Founder & Chairman of Board, Business Technology Forum
Galith Nadbornik, Managing Director, DigiSupply Oy
Rashmi Kasat, Vice President, Head of Digital Technologies at Metso Outotec
Heikki Linnanen, CIO of Caverion
Antti Koskelin, CIO of KONE
Turkka Keskinen,
John Butterworth, Head of CIO Office at King’s College London
Sinikka Markkula, CIO Orion Pharma
Tommi Tuovila, CIO Neste
Teemu Salmi, CIO Stora Enso