We host webinars once a month together with the community. These webinars introduce updates and discuss important topics around Business Technology management best practices and models. Find the upcoming and past webinars below.

Upcoming Webinars

Knowledge Share: BT Standard – Higher Education  IT Community Knowledge Sharing Session

Join us to hear how King’s College London and Aalto University are using the Business Technology Standard to improve collaboration between IT and academic departments.

The aim of the session is to share experiences of using the BT Standard framework to develop IT and digital services in higher education institutions and to learn from concrete use cases such as King’s operating model renewal and Aalto University’s (staff) training programme based on the BT Standard.


You can watch past webinars below

Webinar: End-to-End Development – Elevating Agile Methodologies

January 24, 2024

Strategic pre-development planning dramatically accelerates solution development. Ensuring that the service is ‘consumable’ after the product is released is the way to ensure business value.

Our enhanced Agile framework focuses on minimising time-to-value in end-to-end service development.

Join our expert-led session to get an overview of the Sprint-based Agile Development extension to BT Standard.


Webinar: NEW Extension! Business acceleration with low/no-code platforms & AI

October 25, 2023

Explore our new BT Standard Industry Adaptation extension!

In this webinar we are focusing on how low/no-code platforms combined with generative AI can deliver accelerated business value.



BT Forum introduction

Publication of the new BT Standard extension:  Business acceleration with low/no-code platforms

Learnings from 2 client organizations:

  • Use case 1: AI use with ServiceNow and Salesforce to support business design and business capability planning activities
  • Use case 2: Driving productivity in Sales & Marketing –




Webinar: ChatBTS

September 20, 2023

Welcome to discover ChatBTS, the latest tool to support the BTS community! Similar to e.g. ChatGPT, ChatBTS is a chatbot assistant that changes the way you and your organisation access and use the Business Technology Standard (BTS). ChatBTS makes it easier for everyone to interact with BTS concepts.

Discover the potential of ChatBTS for business-specific applications, streamlining access to the Business Technology Standard (BTS) while adapting seamlessly to your industry’s requirements.

ChatBTS may be your new Business Technology Management Oracle, guiding you towards effective implementation and understanding!


Webinar: ERP Implementation

June 14, 2023

Implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program is critical for businesses as it can significantly enhance their competitive edge. However, failure to implement it successfully can put the business continuity at risk. Therefore, it is crucial for organisations to prepare and implement their ERP program strategically to ensure success.

The webinar discusses the BT Standard ERP Implementation extension, which can help organisations understand the big picture of an ERP-driven business transformation. It will also help align with ERP providers’ implementation methodologies and manage the people perspective effectively.


Webinar: Value Stream

May 10, 2023

How can you improve your organisation’s work flow, enhance efficiency, and deliver unparalleled value? The value streams tackle the common challenges faced by organisations.

Learn how value streams can:
• Eliminate inefficiencies and streamline demand planning for improved speed and flow
• Bridge silos and minimise handoffs for smoother, integrated processes
• Enhance visibility by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end delivery process
• Simplify complex processes, prioritise effectively, and increase consistency for predictable results.

Webinar: Portfolio Management 

April 12, 2023

Gain understanding of the various portfolio levels in the BT Standard framework and learn about the best practices for organizing and structuring steering committees. You will also learn how portfolio management can help you unlock the full business value of your development initiatives by enabling effective prioritization and management of interdependencies.

Webinar: Service Lifecycle Management

March 15, 2023

Service Lifecycle Management encompasses the entire journey of a service, from its creation to its eventual retirement. This incorporates key stages such as service planning, development & deployment, operation, and decommissioning, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the service consistently delivers desired outcomes at every stage. The BT Standard’s Service Lifecycle Management extension delves deeper into how to apply the process, covering everything from identifying business needs to realising business value. It provides clear answers to important questions, such as how to guarantee high-quality services for customers and which roles are involved in the service lifecycle management process.

Webinar: BT Strategy and BT Operating Model Implementation Journey

February 1, 2023

In this webinar, you will hear about the BT Strategy, which describes the three viewpoints to focus on and lists what questions you need to ask. We also introduce a new implementation extension which contains the necessary actions to be taken when implementing the BT Standard and its operating model to achieve transformation or a more sustained change.

Webinar: BT Forum and Maturity Analysis for Higher Education

December 8, 2022

The BT Standard maturity assessment model is based on the capability model. It enables an effective way to analyze the current situation and provides a big picture to see development needs.

In this webinar, we show an example of how the maturity assessment has been used in UK Higher Education. The example was brought to us by one of BT Forum’s implementation partners, Xonetic.

Webinar: Enterprise Agility

October 26, 2022

Enterprise agility becomes increasingly prominent as organisations race to become more agile. Being able to move quickly with empowered people and retain customer-centricity is achievable through transforming the right way with suitable methods. This webinar highlights how the BT Standard enables enterprise agility.

June 2022 Webinar

In this webinar, we share the news with the community regarding BT Forum’s mission and BT Standard certification options. We also introduce the human-centered planning method. Watch the recording to learn more!


How to succeed in digital transformation

In the collaboration webinar with Sofigate, you will hear about what’s new with the Standard, and some customer cases on how to implement and succeed with the BT Standard operating model.


Data Management & Governance in Business Technology Standard

Watch the recording to hear in detail about the new operating model for data governance and management – one of the extensions in the latest version. You learn how you can build a strong capability for managing data by relying on best practices developed by the community.

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The framework celebrated its 10th anniversary on 2020. In honor of a decade developing best IT and business technology practices together with our community, we interviewed 10 CIOs and Business Technology leaders and asked them to explain how they see the value of the framework.

Juha Huovinen, Founder & Chairman of Board, Business Technology Forum
Galith Nadbornik, Managing Director, DigiSupply Oy
Rashmi Kasat, Vice President, Head of Digital Technologies at Metso Outotec
Heikki Linnanen, CIO of Caverion
Antti Koskelin, CIO of KONE
Turkka Keskinen, CIO of UPM
John Butterworth, Head of CIO Office at King’s College London
Sinikka Markkula, CIO Orion Pharma
Tommi Tuovila, CIO Neste
Teemu Salmi, CIO Stora Enso