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Dec 16, 2021

Business Technology Forum to establish management training centre in Malaga

Sofigate has reserved its employees the right for one week of versatile business technology management training in Malaga annually.

After 12 years of development, Business Technology Standard, managed by Business Technology Forum, has become the world’s leading best practice for managing digitalisation.

The development partners are King’s College from London and Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, and the model is freely available here, The developer community includes dozens of Nordic organisations. The majority of large Finnish companies and major public sector organisations use the framework.

More than 4,000 business and IT managers in the Nordic countries have participated in BT management training programs, based on the BT Standard. During the past year, demand and the need for the training has increased rapidly throughout Europe as digitalisation is accelerating and there is greater need for agile management.

“We want to give the opportunity to anyone interested, at any time of the year, to participate in unique training in Malaga, in one of Europe’s most interesting growth centres,” says BT Forum’s Executive Director Katri Kolesnik.

“The training is designed for people in charge of business development and information technology management and consultants who implement operating models,” she continues.

“This opportunity to Sofigate employees to combine training, working and any leisure time during the dark winter months is a continuation of the long-term investments we have made in improving employee experience and wellbeing,” says Sofigate’s CEO Sami Karkkila.

“We have engaged in unique cooperation with Hintsa Performance for four years to improve mental and physical wellbeing. We want to go a step further with our wellbeing services by offering this training in a climate that will fend off winter fatigue,” he continues.

The first training courses offered by BT Forum begin in Malaga in early 2022. The training services are available to all and you can apply for them at

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