Business Technology Standard
Dec 20, 2021

Business Technology Standard - SUSTAINABILITY Release 4.6.0

We are happy to announce the SUSTAINABILITY release for Business Technology Standard, which includes pragmatic methods to lead sustainability improvements in public organisations and in businesses. The release include value stream based model for cities and regions to lead vitality, well-being and sustainability missions. It also includes sustainability business case model and agile development for SIAM and data quality management practices to mention a few other topics in the release.

Website updates (publicly available)

  • Values streams for cities – an article how to implement vitality, well-being and sustainability in cities and regions  (available currently in Finnish at
  • Data Quality – an article that describes in more detail how data quality can be defined and managed (
  • Correction to sourcing picture 4.0.1 at site
  • Correction to capability model misspellings at site
  • Correction to picture 6.1.1 at site

Extension updates (available via training)

  • Industrial Service Integration – an updated extension to BT Standard that focuses on how agile development can apply SIAM process and principles.
  • More key role cards added to the Role and Responsibility extension as well as minor corrections and updated SFIA links – updated version of the extension is 2.05
  • Data quality details added to Data Operating Model Guidebook extension
  • Business case for sustainability – Integral part of business case approval.
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