Business Technology Standard
Jun 9, 2022

Business Technology Standard - HUMAN-CENTERED DEVELOPMENT Release

In this release of the Business Technology Standard, we introduce a human-centered planning method to complement the more procedural enterprise architectural-oriented capability planning. This method supports capability planning where the demand, triggered by social phenomena or trends needs to be clarified first.

Other renewals include the BT Standard open-sourced license, which is updated on our website and in all extensions. Our website also has a fresh new look, we warmly welcome you to visit. The renewed training page contains information about the certification programme offered by BT Forum, which has three tracks for understanding the BT Standard on different levels. website updates (publicly available)

  • Added download page – you can now download publicly available materials such as posters. They are snapshots of the actual extensions and give you an overview and serve as a tool for communicating the model in more detail.
  • Renewed training page – BT Forum offers certification training, which enables the understanding of the BT Standard for different purposes, whether you just want to have an overview or dive deeper and implement the model.
  • Human-centered planning article – is an excellent read to a gain better understanding of the human-centered planning approach and how it can complement enterprise architecture planning. You can download it here or below.
  • New format for BT Standard book

Extension updates (available via certification training)

  • Human-centered planning (NEW) 
  • Roles and Responsibility deck (Updated to v3.0) – this deck has been updated to SFIA8 and avatars have been added to support diversity
  • Slight updates have been made to all extensions such as updates to the new license and BT Standard slides

BT Standard, Release v4.6.2 (Coming out on 15/6/2022)

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